Welcome to The Happy Wanderers

Welcome to The Happy Wanderers! Backpacking Australia

Happy hello to you! Here at The Happy Wanderers we have tons of information on Australian Backpacking, Youth hostels and all the budget travel and accommodation in Australia and Sydney that you'll ever need.  Wandering around tha fantastic country that is Australia is a rite of passage for many whether you come from these shores or from elswhere.

We have heaps of things - cheap flights, cheap rooms, cheap backpackers, its all cheap! Australia is the land of opportunity, so dont miss your opportunity, and get here quick and make the most of every destination from Cairns to Hobart and everywhere inbetween. 

This website is aimed to bring you a brief overview of Backpacking Australia, Sydney Youth Hostels, Budget Travel
We will update this site with news, views and ideas as they come to hand. Check back often for regular updates....

* A hiker who camps overnight in the backcountry, see '''Backpacking (wilderness)''' and '''Thru-hiking''';
* A budget traveller using hostels and public transport, see '''Backpacking (travel)''';
* A member of the 'underground' hiphop community, critical of mainstream rap, see '''Backpacker (hip hop)''';
* '''''Backpacker Magazine''''', a backpacking, camping, and hiking magazine published by Rodale Press or Rodale.
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